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Pittsburgh-Strip District Store Location:

1719 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222



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Mon-Thurs: 8am-4pm

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The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift is Coffee

Take a pound wherever you go!

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Coffee & Tea Lover.

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Holiday Blend Coffee

Holiday Coffee Blend

Delicious taste w/a comforting aroma.

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Holiday Must Have


Organic Haitian

Blue Coffee

Organic Haitian Blue Coffee

Blue Mountain Varietal Great Gift

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Mild & Mellow

Frosty's Favorite Coffee- NEW

Frosty's Favorite Coffee

Special holiday 

coffee blend.

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Master Roaster


Master Roaster Special Decaf Organic Fair Trade Peru

NEW! Guatemala


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 Mellow & bright






JP in front of one of his 150 pound capacity Jabez Burns roasters.

John Prestogeorge

        Above: John Prestogeorge (Master Roaster and  creator of

       J.P. Hearty Blend) is seriously devoted to roasting the perfect

       coffee. In this photo, John compares the color of the freshly   

       roasted coffee beans to distinguish exactly what is needed to

       bring forth the distinctive quality and flavor in each roast.

Our Founder, John Prestogeorge, 1926-2010


Uganda Sipi Falls Coffee

Uganda Sipi Falls Coffee

This extraordinary coffee is grown on small family owned farms on the high slopes of Mt. Elgon, where streams, rivers and a trio of majestic waterfalls, known as Sipi Falls, provide nutrient rich growing conditions. Known as one of the finest in Uganda, this particular coffee is famous for its quality because of the perfect growing conditions, top notch wash stations and strict drying methods. This low acidic cup possesses a silky and creamy body with a sweet clean finish. UTZ certified. Roasted full city.

                                             Buy Now!

 Click here to view our Single Origin Coffee Selection.


December Loose Tea Sale

Organic Holiday Spice Black Tea

Organic Holiday Spice Black Tea

On Sale $4.75/4oz.

Was $5.25

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All Flavored Black Teas

Organic Holiday Herbal Tea

Organic Herbal Holiday Tea

On Sale $4.75/4oz.

Was $5.25 

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All Herbal Teas


Nicaragua Honey Processed Coffee

Nicaragua Honey Processed Coffee

This award-winning honey processed coffee is grown on the family owned La Rubia farm under tree canopy and banana trees in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. The unique honey processing refers to the mucilage that is left on the bean (aka honey) during processing which gives this bean a distinct flavor profile that folks are raging about. This balanced cup is characterized by sweet brown sugar, caramel, honey notes with a slightly tart green apple twist. Clean and sweet aftertaste. Mild, sweet acidity. Smooth medium body. Roasted full city.

                                     Buy Now!  $10.89/pound

Click here to view our Single Origin Coffee Selection.

Best Healthy Turmeric Teas

Best Coffee Gift Boxes

Ground Chaga Mushroom Tea




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