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Zambia Coffee Anaerobic Fermentation

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Don’t miss the chance to try this unique coffee!

Our newest coffee offers the latest trend in coffee processing. The anaerobic fermentation process. This process represents cherries that are double picked, then closed in airtight steel tanks for a 24 hour fermentation. The fermented beans are then sun dried for weeks on raised beds. The process is known to enhance the natural flavors and sweetness and give the coffee a pop of fruity vibrant flavor. Roasted full-city by our very own master roasters.

The Zambian Anaerobic Fermentation coffee comes from the NCCL Estate located in the Kasama region of Zambia, Africa. The NCCL is dedicated to the future of coffee growing in the region. The estate has been known for building new schools, providing housing for migrant workers, paying a higher premium to growers, funding local medication dispensaries, promoting gender equality and specialized training.