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Dominican Republic Red Honey Organic Coffee

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Growing Region:
Roast Level:
Light Roast

Prestogeorge's brand-new Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate red honey-processed organic coffee is roasted to perfection by our master roasters using our City Light Roast style. This bean brings forth cherry and stone fruit aromas that round off into a sweet berry note and a smooth finish. 

Red Honey Process uses a 24-hour fermentation on a coffee fruit that allows enzymes to break down mucilage, bringing out sweetness and fruitiness while maintaining uniformity. The family is extraordinarily socially conscious. They use fermented coffee cherries to create natural gas, which powers their operation.

A letter from the Ramirez Estate Farm:

This coffee went through an 18-hour fermentation before depulping. The coffee was moved to patios where it is then patio dried. We store our parchment for 8 weeks prior to shipping, increasing the longevity of the acidity and sweetness in this coffee. This project started in 2017, and we have continued to develop the specific fermentation since. In 2020, the first lady flew in to meet Eddy Ramirez and nationally congratulate him on producing the highest scoring coffee that has ever come out of the Dominican Republic. The Red Honey Processed Ramirez Estate received 92 points from Coffee Review, in addition to being #22 in the top 30 coffees of 2020. As with the other coffees from the Ramirez Estate, this entire project is both environmentally and socially conscious. Ramirez uses fermented coffee cherries to create a gas that partially powers his facility. All water used to wash coffee is filtered before returning it to the land, and he uses natural shade with trees that create nitrates for the soil on his biodiverse farm. Eddy in addition, employs 20-30 Haitian coffee pickers per season, assisting them to get legal status in the Dominican Republic and paying them fair wages for a Dominican picker. Ramirez Estate Red Honey Tasting Notes/ Cupping Score Cupping Score: 92 pts Cherry and stone fruit aromas that round off into a sweet berry note and a smooth finish.