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Mexican Chiapas City Light Roast Coffee

$6.29 - $12.39
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Growing Region:
Central America
Roast Level:
Light Roast

How light can we go? We thought we would give it a try by creating our first ever City Light Roast coffee. City Light Roast means roasting the beans up to the first crack in our roasters, resulting in a shorter roast time and retaining many of the original characteristics of the bean’s flavor. Our new Mexican Chiapas coffee was the perfect candidate because of its distinguished characteristics and prized fame when lightly roasted. This coffee offers a mellow flavorful body, brisk acidity, nutty lively character and sweet notes of honey. A super smooth and mild cup with bright exciting flavors. 

Mexican Chiapas coffee is a premium high quality Mexican coffee grown in the southernmost state of Mexico bordering Guatemala. Chiapas is known to be one of the best coffees grown on the continent.