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Fruit Flavored Coffee Bundle

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Imagine the delightful experience as you savor the rich, aromatic blend of fresh roasted coffee beans, infused with the best-selling fruit flavors. The sweet, caramelized allure of Bananas Foster, the creamy, tangy punch of Seville Orange, and the comforting, home-baked essence of Blueberry Cobbler come together to create a symphony of tastes. Each sip promises a journey through a landscape of vibrant flavors, where the traditional bitterness of coffee is playfully balanced with the cheerful sweetness of our best fruity flavors. This is a coffee adventure that awakens the senses and brings a burst of joy with every cup.

Give the most delicious and uplifting flavors bundled together as a gift for someone special or as a gift to enjoy on your own. All coffees are fresh roasted and flavored, and have the option to be packed in gift bags. 

Bananas Foster: This delectable coffee tastes just like the famous New Orleans' dessert. A scrumptious combination of soft banana, buttery brown sugar and heavenly rum flavors blended with 100% Arabica fresh roasted coffee beans.

Seville Orange: You'll love this orange cream flavored coffee! This coffee is guaranteed to awaken your senses. A wonderful Colombian bean paired with bright orange flavor. Wonderful iced or hot.

Blueberry Cobbler: This coffee contains bright blueberry flavor paired with delicious cinnamon crumble. It's all the heavenly goodness you can imagine without all the sugar! Just like the good ol' dessert from the deep south.

*All coffees in the bundle must have the same coffee grind. Coffees may not be substituted. 

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