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Lyons Gold Blend Tea Bags 80ct.

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Just as delicious today as it was in 1902, Lyons has been at the heart of great conversation for over 120 years. For those special moments, Lyons created their most refined blend yet bringing together the finest teas from Ceylon, Kenya and Assam. A rich golden colour, a floral aroma and a bright, bold taste combine for the most flavourful tea. So when you're chatting with old friends, making new ones, or simply spending time with someone special, quality conversation always calls for Lyons - the quality tea.

80 teabags- PEFC Certified, The paper of this box is from certified sustainably managed forests. Rainforest alliance certified tea in biodegradable plant-based teabags, produced in their own carbon neutral factory, now packed with boxes using less material. Delicious tea that cares for the planet. Product is biodegradable in industrial composting conditions when placed in your food waste bin.


Black Tea, Rainforest Alliance Certified