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Star Anise

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Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

A traditional Asian herb used in blending, cooking or by itself. Star Anise is a traditional seasoning in Asian Cuisine, especially popular Chinese dishes made in America.

Star Anise is known to aid in digestion by chewing raw anise star pods after a meal. It also contains Anethole which offers powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It has also been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to ease colic in infants and the symptoms of rheumatism in adults when prepared as a tea.

To add some pungent, warm flavor to your cuisine, try adding one or two whole anise star pods to slow cooking soups and stews. Adding Star Anise to braising liquids when simmering a whole chicken or a beef roast is a particularly easy way to get meat that simply falls off the bone and retains its natural juices.

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