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Stash Chocolate Mint Oolong Tea Bags 18ct.

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Name a more iconic duo than chocolate and mint. We bet it’ll take you oolong time to think of one. Unless you’re a hardcore tea fan (and if you are, welcome home), a hot cuppa isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when you daydream about chocolate desserts. Enter this smooth, bold oolong dessert tea, with virtually no calories. This blend brews true-to-its-name, with just five natural ingredients, including local Pacific Northwest peppermint, chocolaty mint flavors are incredibly balanced, to bring you a guiltless dessert tea.

Want an even more luxurious treat? Add some milk or cream to your brew to make this already decadent chocolate tea even richer.

The oolong tea in this Chocolate Mint is sourced from the Wuyi Mountains of China. Wuyi teas are grown wild all over the mountains, rather than in a tea garden. This makes the tea taste a bit deeper and richer compared to the lighter, greener, or stone fruit flavors of other types of oolong teas. All around creating a satisfying combination.


Oolong tea, peppermint, natural chocolate flavor, cocoa powder, carob powder.

Steeping Instructions

1-3 minutes at 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit



Tea Bag Packaging

18 ct - 18 tea bags in a box