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Tanzania Peaberry City Light Roast

$6.29 - $12.39
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Growing Region:
Roast Level:
Light Roast

New! Our Tanzania Peaberry City Light Roast is the newest addition to our super mild, delicately roasted City Light coffee collection. We take the rare Tanzania Peaberry beans, famous for their single bean mutation, place them in our heavenly roasters and roast them only for a short while...right up to the first crack. This shorter roast time results in retaining many of the original characteristics of the Tanzania Peaberry bean’s flavor. Roasting this as a City Light Roast coffee truly defines the sweet, fruity flavors brought forth from this African bean's true origin.

Our Rare Tanzania Peaberry Coffee is an African coffee that is widely reputed as being a sweeter and more delicate cup of joe. Instead of the usual two beans within the coffee fruit, there is only a single bean. This natural mutation only occurs in approximately 3-5% of harvested coffee and is hand-selected and very rare.