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Tea Bags w/ Drawstrings 1 Cup

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Beyond Gourmet's Unbleached Tea Bags for steeping a single 8-ounce cup of loose leaf tea in convenient tea-bag form for a more robust, flavorful brew.

Made from unbleached all-natural paper, without glue, chlorine, phosphates or harsh chemicals to taint the flavor of tea; measures 3.125 x 2.75-inches.

Drawstring closure offers hassle-free use; natural paper filters out more sediment than traditional mesh tea infusers; ideal for finer-grade loose tea.

Great for steeping all types of tea, including black tea, oolong, green tea, chai, chamomile and other herbal teas, and for mulling spices, too.

Won't taint the flavor of brewed tea; single-use, easy to fill, and disposable for easy cleanup; fully compostable and biodegradable