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Timor Coffee

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Growing Region:
Indonesia, Asia
Roast Level:
Medium Roast

Timor coffee is famous for its Earthy taste, low acidity, brown sugar and chocolate notes, and a smooth and creamy body. Our Timor coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced to help sustain the local economy.

This specialty arabica coffee is grown on the tiny island of Timor located in-between Indonesia to the north and Australia to the south. The farm itself is in East Timor in the Ermera region. Coffee is the main export of this country with nearly half the island involved in farming in some way. Most of the coffee from Timor is processed by the “washed” method. Washed coffee is sought after by specialty coffee enthusiasts since it is a better representation of the bean’s intrinsic flavors Timor coffee is limited and typically hard to find so we invite you to indulge in this rare treasure and export yourself to this island right from your very own kitchen. Full-City Medium Roast.


Region: Ermera- East Timor

Altitude: 1200-1500 MASL

Process: Washed

Cupping: Smooth and creamy body, notes of chocolate and brown sugar.