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CasaWare Stainless Steel Trio Tea Infuser Travel Tumbler- 12oz Black

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  • 2 ¾ x 2 ¾ x 8-Inch Stainless steel 12 ounce BPA Free tumbler, leak proof with lock button
  • Double wall vacuum Insulation provides (6) six hours hot & cold temperature retention
  • A patented 2-way leaf compartment built inside of the lid. The tumbler can be used for both loose leaf tea and other infused beverages. Hand Wash
  • INFUSER: Add tea leaves to the tea leaf compartment. Turn mug upside down & wait for tea to brew.
  • FILTER: Switch the filter flap to cover the drinking hole. Brew the floral tea infusion. Filter the floral buds, and enjoy!

The Casaware Trio 12oz/350ML Tea Travel Mug is the perfect item for the person who loves their loose leaf tea. The Trio Travel Mug has a stainless steel tumbler and is BPA Free. The tumbler is double wall vacuum insulated and will keep drinks hot or cold for up to six hours. The Trio Tea Travel Mug has a patented two-way leaf compartment build inside of the lid. The tumbler can be used for both loose leaf tea and other infused beverages. The Trio Travel tumbler has a lock button on the lid so you can travel with it and be confident that the beverage will not leak. The tumbler is so multi-functional that you will find many ways to use it for your favorite drinks. Enjoy!

How to Use: For Steeping Loose Leaf Tea

1. Twist off lid, turn it upside down and add tea leaves to the compartment under the flap.
2. Close and snap the filter shut. You should hear a click when the compartment is closed.
3. Pour hot water into the tumbler. Do not fill water above the lowest thread. Attached lid to tumbler and secure it tightly.
4. Turn the tumbler upside down and start the brewing process. The steeping time will vary by the tea of tea that you use. Please make sure you check the steeping time before you begin this process.
5. When brewed, turn the tumbler back to its normal position. Open by pushing in the lowest part of the lock button.
6. Enjoy your tea!

You can drink out of the tumbler or pour the tea into your favorite tea mug. Many teas can be used more than once. All you would need to do is to add more hot water and repeat the steeping process. How to Use: Alternate Method
1. Twist off lid. Put tea leaves in the tumbler. Add hot water.
2. Move tea flap to position covering the drinking hole. Snap it shut. You should hear a clicking sound.
3. Secure lid and then turn the tumbler upside down. The steeping time will vary by the type of tea you use.
4. When brewed, return tumbler to its upright position. Open by pushing the lowest part of the lock button.