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Ethiopian Guji Shakiso Coffee

$6.89 - $13.49
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Growing Region:
Roast Level:
Medium Roast

An exceptionally clean tasting cup, with a bright citrus acidity and a smooth mouthful. Delightful nuances of berries, watermelon, and apricot dance lively throughout the cup, while notes of roasted cacao nibs, almond butter, and maple syrup all swirl together providing an unforgettable pleasant experience along with a delicate sweet floral aftertaste. An exceptional exotic coffee, delightfully unforgettable in cup, and ultimately showcasing the wild Ethiopian heirloom flair! Sun-dried natural process. Full-City Medium Roast.

From the Guji zone in the Oromia Region in Ethiopia, this coffee is good no matter how it is brewed. Undergoing a dry process, the cherries are placed in elevated beds to dry, often for up to 22 days, to ensure a regulated temperature and uniformity in the drying process. Bright and sweet, this bean's vibrant and tart blueberry notes are drizzled with creamy and warm hints of caramel. Brewed in any pot, this coffee can animate any dull morning. Used as an espresso, and the bright fruit-filled flavor will bring this full-bodied taste to life.