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Raw Buckwheat Honey 1lb.

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Raw Buckwheat Honey

Produced at Huckle Bee Farms, a local bee farm in Bedford, PA.

Buckwheat honey is a robust, dark honey gathered from the nectar of the delicate, white flowers of the buckwheat grain. Buckwheat honey has been noted for its health benefits including its high levels of antioxidants. Buckwheat honey is ideal for baking or soothing a cough. It's great in baked goods or sauces. Buckwheat: A native plant, buckwheat is not actually a wheat (it's related to rhubarb), but it's a favorite food for bees. Buckwheat honey is pungent, dark molasses brown with a distinctive malty flavor and lingering aftertaste.

No sugar added. Organic honey.


Huckle Bee Farms and Unfiltered Honey contains only one ingredient: honey! Their Infused Honey contains Honey and the fruit or veggie that is infused in it.  It’s pure, unadulterated honey just as the bees made it.