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Raw Clover Honey 1lb.

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Raw Clover Honey

Produced at Huckle Bee Farms, a local bee farm in Bedford, PA.

Clover honey is a thick, sweet syrup made by honeybees that collect the nectar of clover plants. It’s mild in taste and light in color, making it a popular choice among honey enthusiasts. Clover plants are very common, weather-hardy, and a preferred
nectar source for honeybees, which is why clover honey is widely available. Clover honey has a more complex flavor than table sugar, and many people use it to sweeten tea, coffee, and desserts.


Huckle Bee Farms and Unfiltered Honey contains only one ingredient: honey! Their Infused Honey contains Honey and the fruit or veggie that is infused in it.  It’s pure, unadulterated honey just as the bees made it.