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Republic U•Matcha® Natural Tea Tin 1.5oz.

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100% Premium Japanese Matcha

Premium Natural U•Matcha™ is unlike regular green tea, these tender, shade-grown leaves are ground to a fine powder creating a rich balance of flavors in baked goods or ice cream. This exceptional tea is abundant in nutrients and has the balanced flavors of what is referred to as umami (literally, 'yummy' in Japanese). Premium Natural U•Matcha™ is great blended into water for sipping, powder and all, or in cooking.

Each tin of U•Matcha® Natural comes packaged with a free sample of one of Republic's other great-tasting teas.

Store in refrigerator after opening.

On average, Matcha contains less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. 

Fill the kettle with fresh, filtered water and heat to just short of boiling. Fill matcha bowl or cup with warm water and pour out. Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of matcha powder to bowl or cup. Add 6 oz of steaming water (175°F). Experiment to find your favored strength. Using a tea whisk or a hand frother blend for one to two minutes until the matcha forms a nice top foam. For iced tea, blend ½ to 1 teaspoon to 8 oz of cold water and pour into a glass of ice.


Japanese Matcha powder ground from premium stone-ground Japanese tencha leaves



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