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Sulawesi Kalossi Coffee

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Growing Region:
Indonesia, Asia

Indonesian Sulawesi coffee beans are one of the gems of the Pacific coffee-growing world. 250 years ago coffee trees were imported from Yemen (known as the birthplace of coffee) and transplanted in Sulawesi. These trees are still producing coffee today. Yes! Some of these coffee trees are 250 years old! The beans have very low acidity, and an earthy fullness with notes of warm sweet spices and a smooth finish. In relation to Indonesian Sumatra coffee, Kalossi has slightly less body and more spicy notes in flavor. Wildly grown, difficult to find, and extremely flavorful. Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes Island) is an island located in East Indonesia. Grown in the southeastern part of the island, Kalossi is named after the nearby town of Kalossi. This variation of the Sulawesi coffee bean is one of the most delectable types of coffee the island has to offer. This specialty coffee was selected and roasted full city just for you by our master coffee roasters.