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Unroasted Green Coffee- Costa Rica Tarrazu 1 LB

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Growing Region:
Central America

Our raw unroasted green coffee beans are imported directly from the country of origin and consist of the highest quality Arabica bean. 

To roast your own coffee, we highly recommend using a home roaster, such as an air or drum roaster machine. You can also use a repurposed hot air hot popcorn popper, stovetop popcorn maker, gas oven, skillet or wok. If you don’t have a home roaster, we suggest starting with a repurposed Whirley-Pop, a stove top popcorn popper, which is easy and will give you more even roasts. You will need good ventilation with all of the methods (roasting coffee can be very smoky).

Roasting coffee is an acquired skill and takes practice by paying close attention to the color, sound and smell of the beans. Once you hear the first crack you will have light roast coffee, just minutes later you will hear the second crack which means your beans have already reached a medium-dark roast. The beans must be moving constantly so they do not tip (burn) on any sides. Cool the beans quickly by spreading them out on a sheet pan so they do not roast in their own heat. It takes practice but is very enjoyable once you get in the hang of it!

If the green coffee you are looking for is not listed please contact us by telephone to see if we have it in stock.