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Dark Roast Coffee Bundle 3lbs

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Roast Level:
Dark Roast

The Prestogeorge Dark Roast Coffee Bundle is a collection of our best-selling dark roast coffees. This bundle makes the perfect gift for your coffee-loving friends and family or taking the opportunity to try our most popular dark roast coffees yourself.

If you love dark roast coffee, you'll love our best-selling collection of bold and rich flavors. Our dark roast coffee beans are carefully selected from the finest sources around the world and roasted to perfection in small batches. 

This bundle includes one pound of Cuban Blend, one pound of Black and Gold Blend and one pound of Mediterranean Blend coffee.

Cuban Blenda dark, robust and bold coffee. It's masterfully blended to capture the essence of the Caribbean. Our most popular dark roast coffee. The favorite "wake-up" coffee of Stan Prestogeorge. For the full Cuban effect, he recommends brewing it at double strength with 3/4 coffee and 1/4 milk.

Black and Gold BlendA distinctive blend created for Pittsburgh natives. 50% Sumatra Continental Dark Roast and 50% Rare Tanzania Peaberry. A unique & hearty blend.

Mediterranean BlendBold Euro-Italian inspired blend. This deep dark robust blend is inspired by the famous coffees of the Mediterranean. Blended perfectly for an intense full-bodied, rich smooth flavor. Complex, yet balanced. Makes an excellent cup of espresso or serves as a wonderful full-bodied, rich, smooth cup of coffee. 


*All coffees in the bundle must have the same coffee grind. Coffees may not be substituted. 


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