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Medium Roast Coffee Bundle 3lbs

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Roast Level:
Medium Roast

The Prestogeorge Medium Roast Coffee Bundle is a collection of our best-selling full-city roast coffees. This bundle makes the perfect gift for your coffee-loving friends and family or taking the opportunity to try our most popular medium roast coffees yourself.

This bundle includes one pound of Antigua Guatemala, one pound of JP Hearty Blend and one pound of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee.

If you love a smooth, balanced and aromatic cup of coffee, you'll love our best-selling medium roast collection. This collection features three of our most popular medium roast blends, each with its own unique flavor profile and origin. They are roasted to perfection, bringing out the best flavors and aromas of the beans without losing their natural sweetness and acidity. They are ideal for any brewing method, from drip to French press to espresso. 

Antigua Guatemala- derives from a bean grown in the Antigua region and brews a memorable smokey, spicy and sensual cup of coffee. Roasted full-city by our master coffee roasters.

JP Hearty Blend- our very own master roaster, John Prestogeorge, created this notorious blend of 80% Sumatra and 20% Vienna over 30 years ago. This hearty coffee remains our most popular blend today. 

Ethiopian Yirgacheffederives from the high mountain regions of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe, located in South Central Ethiopia, produces what's recognized as the best and most distinguished coffee in its country. This wet processed bean produces a distinctive earthy flavor with slightly nutty or chocolaty undertones. Mellow yet complex cup with sweet acidity. No bitter aftertaste. Roasted Full City.

*All coffees in the bundle must have the same coffee grind. Coffees may not be substituted. 

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