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Light Roast Coffee Bundle 3lbs

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Roast Level:
Light Roast

The Prestogeorge Light Roast Coffee Bundle is a collection of our best-selling city light roast coffees. This bundle makes the perfect gift for your coffee-loving friends and family or taking the opportunity to try our finest light roast coffees yourself.

This bundle includes one pound of Brazil Summer Solstice City Light Roast, one pound of Mexican Chiapas City Light Roast, and one pound of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe City Light Roast.

City Light roast beans have been roasted to a light brown color, with no oil on the surface. They have a bright, acidic, and floral flavor with more of the original characteristics of the coffee beans than darker roasts. They are suitable for brewing methods that highlight the nuances and complexity of the coffee, such as pour-over, drip, or press. 

Brazil Summer Solstice City Light Roast Coffee- boasts intense tropical fruit notes with a honey like sweetness, round medium body and nice acidity. This special buy comes directly from Deterra Farms in the Cerrado region of Brazil. It's naturally processed and sun-dried. 

Mexican Chiapas City Light Roast CoffeeThis coffee offers a mellow flavorful body, brisk acidity, nutty lively character and sweet notes of honey. A super smooth and mild cup with bright exciting flavors. Mexican Chiapas coffee is a premium high quality Mexican coffee grown in the southernmost state of Mexico bordering Guatemala. Chiapas is known to be one of the best coffees grown on the continent.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe City Light Roast CoffeeThis bean is delicately roasted to yield unique fruity and floral notes with citrusy undertones and a bright, pleasant acidity. Nice well-rounded light body with a smooth finish that will have you yearning for another sip. 

*All coffees in the bundle must have the same coffee grind. Coffees may not be substituted. 

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