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Pu-Erh Tuo-Cha Green Tea Pods

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Compressed Green Tea

Nest shaped compressed green tea. Each nest makes tea for 3. Full bodied with a hint of oak.

This ancient variety of tea is made from a Yunnan large leaf varietal, Camelia Assamica, and is a variety of Pu-erh. The pods themselves are made by taking the processed green tea leaves, steaming them, and then pressing them into small bowl-shaped forms. The process is quite laborious as each pod must be pressed by hand. Tuo-cha pods, like all Pu-Erh teas age exceptionally well - in China it is not that uncommon to find processed tea in local Yunnan tea shops that has been aged for 25 years or more! When infused the tea has a mild musty character that to connoisseurs is immediately identifiable as Yunnan Pu-Erh. To the uninitiated this character can be surprising and remind one of the smell of fresh earth. It is also because of this character that tea is known in some parts of China as 'Erth tea.' As with many green teas, and especially Pu-erh teas, these tuo cha pods can be infused multiple times. The next time you brew up a pot pay close attention to the flavor profile of the cup. Much like re-reading a novel, or watching a movie again, you will discover while the fundamental character remains, the subtle nuances of flavor will change slightly from cup to cup - a subtle mustiness here - a mild sweetness there. Truly one of the Yunnan provinces most compelling brews.

Caffeine level: Low

Ingredients: Green Tea